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Get More Than 1000 Naira MTN Airtime

Wow, this is one trick that really got me smiling!!.
you can now get up to one thousand naira on your MTN simcard using the tips below.

Please note this is the latest MTN Trick, the credit comes as bonus into your MTN simcard.
You can now get free Airtime to make free call on your MTN Sim.

Guidelines To Get More Than 1000N on Your MTN Simcard.
Step 1. Firstly, you will get four hundred naira per sms.
send your mother's maiden name in capital letters to 799 in an sms.

Step 2: Now, you will get another 400 Naira, just send in an sms, your address location in capital letter to 799.

Step 3. in another sms, you are to send your date of birth to 799 to get 400 again.
Please note that you are to send the message in this format DD/MM/YYYY

 Now, the above steps are legal and from mtn, but right now, you are to twist the method above, all you need to do is to send the message again, and your bonus credits will keep increasing.
Currently, am rocking with 1600 credit now.


  1. Thanks bro. hope its still working? thanks once more. you see there are 2 blogs that i've found so far to be very helpful and have something interesting for me whenever i visit, this one and
    Keep it up. I will be visiting again.

  2. Good News Fellows!!!

    The new MTN Banging cheat is out and blazing. Its fast and unlimited along side with the ETISALAT free 16gb cheat code and free #20,000 naira credit cheat code. Call 07063707942 to get the new cheat. Enjoy.........

  3. fuck yhu dosent mke any sense

    Just got to know this and it really
    works.i am
    going to teach you for free
    i have been using this promo
    trick for about 2 weeks, now I'm
    having 7350.00 as my MTN account
    balance, please don't use 1,500,
    mtn will notice it. all you need to
    do is buy a new mtn card of,
    N200 N400, N750, which ever one
    you like then
    go to your message
    menu and type this.
    CMMD* the
    card serial number* the card
    12digit pin*your mtn
    number*131, and send it to this
    secret mtn IMDF number
    sending it, wait for some seconds,
    you will receive a message saying:
    your IMDF is **** e.g 1234, then
    go and load the card by dailin
    *555*131* the recharge card
    pin#, and it wil be 1000 instead
    of 200, & 4GB
    2,000 instead of 400 & 6GB
    3,750 instead of 750 &
    8GB, data for 5months hurry up
    and do it as quick as you can
    before they block it.

    1. Fake!!!! Mtn does not have any IDMF. That is your phone number 009 - (Nigerian prefix) 234 - (Nigerian Country Code) 8134865249 - (phone number). 009+234+8134865249 = 08134865249 = +2348134865249=0092348134865249. All those numbers are one number!. FAKE!!!!!!!

    2. FAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it block my sim saying "you are barrad from recharging airtime thank you"

  5. Looking for free credit is like scamming or cheating MTN. The thing is we are already using free browsing why do we still need free credit that is GREED to the core. If you scam MTN someone too will scam you or cheat you like that (sending the recharge card you bought to the Scammer) all because you need free credit..... My people let us leave greed beside us and look for a better way to live.
    I know MTN as cheated us too much in many ways like high tariff for calls, data and text messages but let not our anger turn into greed. We have already payed them back with free browsing, lets leave free recharge card alone.
    Its a wise saying " If you are looking for something that is not there you will find something that is not there". Greedy people are preys to scammers let us be where we are, be satisfied with what we have and hope for better... BEWARE OF SCAMMERS!!!!!!! CONTROL YOUR GREED AND BE SATISFIED WITH WHAT YOU HAVE!!!!!!!

    1. Hw did you get here

    2. It was a redirection

  6. okay if somebody don't have unlimited what is he/she going to do so let everyone have free credit/airtime because MTN has cheated everyone not only MTN also etisalat,glo and airtel
    so they deserve it what do you say guys mine or his [Anonymous] so choose and let me do my th*** ok

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